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I am Jef Harris

Fashion and portrait artist.

Colorful creative paint academy of the most chaotic kind. Based in Ottawa Canada.


Who i am and what i do

I'm a Hobbyist Photographer, Amateur Artist, Professional Editor.

My main talents are photography and video production. I’ve honed these skills by working non-stop on them for over 2 decades.
I’ve dipped into many different style of photography, from high fashion to landscape to real life to products to macro photography.
I’m also greatly interested in all styles of video exploring new technologies and using them to produce intimate and artistically challenging video art. Story telling is also a large part of how I communicate. So all of my art tells a story.

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Video Editing

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I am a plastic surgeon, a magician, a stylist, a social media guru, a therapist, & a master of light. I'm a photographer.


Video Editor

I approch editing not as a technical process, but as an artistic process. "There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness." – Frank Capra


Digital Editor

A lot of people in the art world hate to use the word "Photoshop", like it's cheating or easy or something. I say bollocks to that - for me, it's my tool, my paintbrush if you like, and lets me create my own visual language. – Idris Khan


Colorful work of mine I'm proud of.

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